We are extremely pleased to announce that we have entered into a five-year strategic partnership with Thomas Cook Money, the new financial services division of Thomas Cook Group. A dedicated Elixirr team will work with Thomas Cook Money’s team with the ambition of helping customers plan, save, borrow and spend their holiday money, both at home and abroad. We will be investing throughout the five years in return for a profit share at the end of the partnership.

Across our consulting and creative businesses, the Elixirr team will bring strategy, guidance and lean startup methodologies, such as design thinking and rapid prototyping, to enable Thomas Cook Money to truly put the customer at the heart of the business, delivering new products with speed and agility. We have already successfully secured partnerships for Thomas Cook Money with Europe’s leading seedfund, Seedcamp, and alternative digital banking provider, Revolut. The agreement bolsters our strong track record of building businesses that are able to meet market demand for innovative solutions and respond to industry disruption.

Thomas Cook Money was launched in November last year to transform the holiday money and insurance services it provides to its customers, to give them more control. It aims to take care of holiday money all year round, not just for the two weeks of a holiday. To date it has launched three new and innovative products – Lyk, Roam and Sumo – which help customers plan, save, borrow, spend and protect their holiday money, both at home and abroad, in an easier, simpler and fairer way. They also help to eradicate the ‘financial hangover’ that customers face when they get home.


Graham Busby, Partner and one of the Founders of Elixirr, says:

“We are more than thrilled to be working with Thomas Cook Money to realise its digital first ambitions. The vision that Thomas Cook Money has to disrupt the holiday financial services market is ambitious and of huge value to customers. This partnership is a great example of the risk-reward model that we offer our clients.

We’re always prepared to put skin in the game and invest some of our fees if we believe in the outcome – and we certainly do with Thomas Cook Money. We share the same entrepreneurial values and we are very confident that we will deliver above and beyond expectations.”


Anth Mooney, CEO of Thomas Cook Money, says:

We have 175 years’ experience of providing holidays for millions of customers. Thomas Cook Money is therefore uniquely placed to meet holidaymakers’ demand for hassle-free money solutions. Elixirr has been here with us from day one, making our ideas and concepts a reality, so it was an easy decision to put a five-year strategic partnership in place.

A new division like Thomas Cook Money would typically take two years to build, but we have managed to build it together in just eight months. The quality of the Elixirr team and their network have been fully aligned with our vision. We are very ambitious and are excited about what this partnership will deliver. Together, we want to define a whole new category of holiday money.”

Just another example of how we build businesses.

Let’s #MSH.