A diverse and vocal audience, an expert panel and a subject that is relevant to us all makes for one captivating discussion. And that’s exactly what we got as the proud hosts for the London and Atlanta legs of the global launch tour for the book ‘Faster, Smarter, Greener – The Future of the Car and Urban Mobility’.

Hear from senior executives across a wide array of industries, as we discuss the many different perspectives on this topic – urban planning, digital technologies and innovation, auto industry and academia, along with the social and environmental issues. If you listen to one podcast today, make sure it’s this one.



A huge thank you to all of our guests and of course, our panel for such an interesting conversation – author Dr Venkat Sumantran, Chairman of Celeris Technologies, Shashi Verma, CTO & Director of Customer Experience at Transport for London, Jennifer Daothong, Head of Strategy & Sustainability at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Gary Lapidus, President, Gary Lapidus Advisors, and the MIT Press, publishers of the book.

Continuing the discussion in the US, we also proudly hosted the Atlanta leg of the book launch tour. Our gratitude goes out to the panel; Dr Venkat Sumantran, Stephen Cannon, CEO of AMB Group, Dietmar Exler, President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA and Gui Balaty, CEO North America of Travelcar.

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