Beat the Intro now available in Apple & Amazon app stores

Music smarts off the charts? You should probably play this game...


By: Elixirr

No sooner had we finished asking Alexa to enable Beat the Intro, now we’re all addicted to playing it on our phones! We’re delighted to announce that Musicplode Media, one of Elixirr Capital’s portfolio companies, has launched Beat the Intro on iOS and Android in the UK and US.

Apple users can download it here from the Apple App Store, and Android and FireOS users can download it from the Amazon Appstore. Warning: this game is seriously addictive!

Dubbed ‘The Ultimate Music Game’, Beat the Intro began life as a popular family DVD game, later developing into Alexa’s 10,000th skill, as announced by Amazon. Players must correctly guess the song from a short snippet to earn coins, progress through levels and chart on the leaderboards. It’s free to install and packed full of great music. The faster you guess the correct track, the more coins you win and what do coins mean? More music packs are unlocked!

Dave Brown, Managing Director at Musicplode says:

“Music as a universal language is a highly effective way of engaging global audiences, and we are so excited to bring the latest in music gamification to market. At a time when the music industry is seeking new ways to diversify and encourage music discovery, Beat the Intro is a unique way for music lovers to discover and download new music.”

Stephen Newton, Elixirr’s Founder and Managing Partner, added:

“We first met the team at Musicplode through The Pitch and since then, they’ve secured some amazing partnerships to make this model work. It’s an incredibly proud moment for us all to see the next part of the Beat the Intro story unfold. We are very excited at the potential.”

Beat the Intro has the potential to change the game in the music and gaming industry. Watch this space… In the meantime, please support us in getting the word out there – download and share, share, share!

We’d love to know what you think – do get in touch. We’ll be sure to pass any comments on to the Beat the Intro team.

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