The commercial advantage of more women in the boardroom

This report is a call to action for retailers.

Inclusivity, empowerment and flexibility for all talent creates commercial advantage for retailers.

Women in retail report

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In partnership with Women in Retail, we have interviewed over 70 senior executives, both men and women, across 44 UK retailers. They all agreed that gender (as well as other forms of) diversity leads to better business results. Yet, when asked specifically about gender balance inside their own companies, 72% of them felt that their company is still not doing enough. And everyone agreed that more can be done.

Our interviews uncovered some common ‘excuses’ as to why gender balance in retail boardrooms has not been achieved. Like any excuse, there is a reality that prevails. This report identifies these realities and proposes 3 priority actions.

Achieving gender-balanced leadership is not a retail specific issue. What is specific to retail is that 60% of employees and ~85% of customers are women. Because of this, we strongly believe that retailers have a real opportunity to lead the way for other industries.

Achieving gender balance in retail: I support the recommendations made in this report

This has become a commercial imperative. Now is the time to capitalise on the positive action retailers are famous for. You can download a copy of the full report here.

Download the report

A huge thank you to Women in Retail and all of our interviewees – this report has only been possible because of your support, candidness and passion. Here’s to making change happen.