We are delighted to announce our new strategic partnership with high-profile Israeli cyber security firm, CyberInt. This partnership builds on our existing security capability – we can now show our clients exactly where their vulnerability lies outside their organisation – by uncovering their weaknesses in the shadows of the dark web. This means organisations can protect their businesses over and above their traditional perimeters.

Cyber security is an issue right at the top of Boardroom agendas. We know that our clients are more and more concerned about fast and aggressive attacks from threats they didn’t know were there. Our partnership with CyberInt marks a significant milestone as our cyber security services now run end-to-end. From helping our clients identify their most valuable assets at the outset, to evaluating internal security (through the sharp analytic capability of Panaseer), right through to being able to define vulnerabilities outside their own organisations through this unique partnership with CyberInt.

We hardly see a day without a cyber breach hitting the headlines. You might remember the recent string of well-publicised and large-scale hacks on companies like Citrix, Faithless and JD Wetherspoon… CyberInt uncovered these hacks before the organisations themselves knew about them.

How do they do it? They use targeted intelligence, cutting-edge online asset protection and automated red-team attack simulations to pinpoint weaknesses in cyber defence systems. And they can do this before a breach event takes place, highlighting what an organisation needs to do to protect itself before it’s too late. Their clients include gaming giants such as SEGA and Playtika, the Central Bank of Israel and security giants McAfee (now Intel Security).

Stephen Newton, Managing Partner and Founder of Elixirr, said:

“Big data and customer analytics are right at the top of C-suite agendas. New demands are being made of information security, exacerbated by serious breaches of some of the world’s largest organisations. Firms are fearful – and rightly so. We’re delighted to partner with CyberInt to help our clients tackle a real and potentially devastating issue. We love to work with game-changing firms like CyberInt – firms that share the same passion for making change happen, so that we can continue to deliver more and more value to our clients.”

Amir Ofek, CEO, CyberInt said:

“There’s a growing concern among business leaders regarding the risks associated with cyber. As more and more incidents hit the media, the awareness of this risk adds additional pressure to the already overwhelmed CISO. To mitigate these risks, CISOs must align their security strategy with their company’s leadership and business strategy. Our partnership with Elixirr uniquely facilitates this exact need; allowing decision makers to align their cybersecurity strategy with their business goals. This collaboration will facilitate a proactive cyber security stance for our customers that looks at their businesses from the hacker’s perspective.”

Earlier this month, we teamed up with CyberInt to record a podcast: listen here as we talk cyber crime. Elad Ben-Meir, VP at CyberInt and Tom Archer, one of our cyber security experts, discuss how organisations can identify their ‘crown jewels’, what they can do to protect them and what they should be focussing on. And, we investigate what really happened when they called a very well-known business to tell them that they’d been hacked…