Earlier this summer we raised hundreds of pounds through our charity raffle. Generously donated and diverse prizes, from a boxing match to a week-long holiday in Switzerland and South Africa, tempted substantial donations from across the team!

The success of the event allowed us to provide a £500 grant to fund 55 participants during their Business and Entrepreneur Start-up Tool (BEST) training, provided by Enterprise Uganda – a great team that we work closely with. The training aimed to “equip youths from any level of education with the confidence and practical skills to start and run successful enterprises”, something that we are very passionate about.

In addition to this, money raised from the raffle was also used to support Bright Ideas Trust’s ‘Bright Ideas Club’ which saw an audience of entrepreneurs join a session on Crowdfunding. Bright Ideas Trust endeavours to support and encourage entrepreneurs in the UK, providing funding and mentoring to help people to start their own businesses, learn practical business skills and to create jobs for themselves – and others.

As a firm of entrepreneurs, it has been great to be able to be a part of spreading that spirit further across the UK and overseas.

Thank you to all who participated, donated prizes and to our team members who coordinated this great event!