UK Programmes at Save the Children UK aims to tackle child poverty here at home, so that children, whatever their background, have the chance to fulfil their potential, focussing on the twin pillars of Education and Economics.

The problem

UK Programmes at Save the Children had defined a clear strategy to deliver effective programmes for children in poverty in the UK. However, after a period of successful growth, it was identified that the operating model was no longer cost effective or appropriate. Alongside this, they had a substantial funding gap for the coming year.

The solution

Save the Children engaged us for our expertise in target operating model design and implementation. Through the Elixirr Foundation, we re-designed the operating model to create a core team that would manage relationships by geography. The delivery of front-line projects would then be carried out by specialists, increasing efficiency while maintaining high delivery standards.

This would ensure there was a light but stable fixed cost base, while allowing flexibility in the scale and type of projects delivered, depending on funding and current need. The design was driven by a focus on value for money and a model that had the best interests of children at its heart.

The results

Re-designing their operating model meant that Save the Children could do much more with less. They could continue to make the same positive impact on the lives of children who really need it, but with less funding. The changes in their operating model also took into account their longer term aims and set them up so they were structured to achieve their future growth ambitions.

“When we embarked on re-design, we had a clear vision of where we wanted to get to. Elixirr were able to add structure and rigour to all stages of the subsequent process. They worked tirelessly, producing deliverables of a very high quality and helping us engage our staff team. The people were outstanding – great to work with, analytically brilliant, and in personal terms, they fit right in. They worked extremely hard and were always prepared to go the extra mile. We followed many of their recommendations for the subsequent change programme and their support has proved invaluable. I would recommend them very highly.”

Nick Wilkie, Director of UK Programmes, Save the Children UK