The problem

A media technology client needed support with market entry into a media services market via an aggressive acquisition strategy and fundraising programme. The aim was to consolidate part of this fragmented industry sector across Europe, Asia and the US to create a market leading media product and services business.

The solution

We tested the client’s consolidation strategy firstly by modelling the business, identifying opportunities for cost savings and revenue enhancement on a transaction by transaction basis. We used a collaborative approach to develop and refine the business model, ensuring that a robust business plan was in place which was tested and validated against market-based research and industry experience. The business plan and strategy were further supported through integrated and dynamic financial modelling and scenario analysis of the client and each of the acquisitions.

With a clear vision and strategy, we developed an Information Memorandum and investor presentations to support targeted marketing of the business. We transformed technical knowledge into meaningful sales material which appealed and successfully positioned the opportunity to global investors (including our PE relationships).

We carried out comprehensive due diligence, including using our detailed technical knowledge of the technology and media space to identify product portfolio and management considerations. We developed remediation strategies and achieved significant savings for our client.

Detailed communications and integration planning for the initial acquisition was performed in tandem. We set out a clear 100-day plan with key milestones for the transaction and created the programme management office (including design, structure and cost and benefit tracking) to ensure rapid scale can be achieved in subsequent acquisitions. We then developed the initial Target Operation Model, started transition planning and embedded the project management structure.

The results

  • Comprehensive due diligence meant our client saved over 20% of the price of the first acquisition
  • Investment funding secured and selected global investors sourced
  • Articulated the acquisition strategy
  • Reshaped the combined management team and structure
  • Validated the business plan and business model
  • 1st transaction to occurred weeks ahead of schedule