We teamed up with application intelligence leader, AppDynamics to host a webinar discussing why an app is not enough for retailers. We explored how websites and mobile apps are just the start of a true digital strategy and took a look at what retailers can do operationally when it comes to innovation and delighting their customers. Simply having an app is not enough in order to increase revenue, credibility and brand loyalty.

AppDynamics have released a research report on this subject for the software-defined retailer. For today’s always-on consumers, the performance of websites and mobile applications is inextricably linked to brand credibility, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

An app is not enough is a study of over 4,000 European and US smartphone and tablet owners. It examines the expectation economy, and shows that for retailers, software defines business success – with revenue and reputation hinging upon customer interactions with applications.

The report presents key findings from the study, including:

  • Why application performance is critical to retail success
  • How omnichannel and IoT is leading to increasingly complex application architectures
  • The secret to delivering a 5 star customer experience

“Given the plethora of options open to consumers, the transparency in the market, and the ease of switching from one retailer to the next, earning customer loyalty is becoming more important than ever. A consistent and reliable customer experience is key to earning this loyalty. Knowing what customers want, and having the right organisation set up to deliver it, is typically the challenge that our clients face. Understanding where the pain points are in the customer journey is a good starting point.”

Brian Kalms, Partner & Retail Specialist, Elixirr