We are delighted to announce that Elixirr has won a Best Business Award for Best Product/Service. The Best Business Awards aim to highlight and reward excellence across the private and public sectors and are one of the UK’s highest profile awards.

We are especially pleased to receive an award recognising the quality of our service offering, which we believe bridges the gap between theoretical advice and transactional support and is unique in the industry. In particular the Award panel recognised our collaborative approach to procurement. Often value is lost from a sourcing deal’s business case through the traditional RFP-based process, which is why we have developed our Collaborative Solutioning approach. The approach is more effective than a traditional RFP approach because the client engages with the vendor early on in the process and they develop the solution together. Our approach allows clients to shift the focus from price, process and terms to an integrated strategy based on the right service with the right provider.

Commenting on the award Andrew Areoff, the Chairman of the Judges, said:

Elixirr has pushed the boundaries of innovation with its new collaborative approach to procurement. Rather than getting involved with a long list of vendors, using Elixirr’s collaborative solution clients can engage with a few selected vendors to jointly come up with a solution to a problem. While not suited to every procurement, the solution is best for those where there is no clear answer to a business problem. Saving money, time, effort and creating new innovative results, the collaborative solution has already produced impressive savings for clients.